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To-order dishes and always fresh in the restaurant Erker Hof

Our guests describe our restaurant with statements such as the following ones:


The guest is our king. If you feel satisfied with us, we have done a successful job.

To make you satisfied, please tell us your needs and combine our side dishes, salads, vegetables and sauces to your own preference. If our portions might be too big for you, you can order all dishes as "small children portions".



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Book our surprise menu:

Surprises can be fun. You may remember the magic of childhood when you tried to guess the contents of the colourful packages on birthdays or holidays, and the joy of holding the actual gift in your hands. Those who would like to relive this magic will be delighted with our surprise menu at the Hotel Erker Hof in Cologne-Porz.

Our restaurant is known for its surprise menus! Of course, even we cannot tell you what it will consist of, but you should know that it will have 4 courses.

But whether the first two courses will consist of smoked duck breast and broccoli cream soup with shrimp dumplings, tender salmon with French onion soup or a completely new creation, only our chef knows.


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For your main course you can look forward even more, because it could be either the delicious sliced turkey in Calvados sauce, or the excellent beef 'Stroganoff', the traditional "Erker Hof Mixed Grill", a grilled steak with selected side dishes or other delicious surprises from our kitchen team.

No later than the dessert but the childlike anticipation, especially among our male guests have taken again, for a sweet parfait with fruit, a mango - kiwi salad with lemon sorbet or a creme brulée are just some of the various options which our surprise menu will bring to va good end.

Surprise yourself - because taste it in any case. Now connect the magic of anticipation childhood with a rich and delicious menu for two people. We wish in any case a bon appetit!

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